Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The what's for dinner question?

In my line of work I am around food all day. That doesn't stop me from thinking of lunch while I eat my breakfast, which these days consists of coffee and yogurt. I think of dinner while eating lunch. I know it is sad, but this is how my mind works. Food. So while eating lunch with my wife, Byrd, who I am lucky enough to work with, I ask the daily question, "what are we having for dinner?" Which unless one of us wants something particular goes like this...Me "I don't care I will eat anything." Her "I don't care either" Usually followed by Her: "Pick something." So as usual she went to the store to pick out dinner for the night. Steak. Specifically Filet. I love when she makes decisions like this.

It has been an unusually cold winter here in the south. So one of my favorite grills, my Hibachi, took a beating. It is the perfect size to cook for two, and for now(not to rip off a great song) it is just the two of us. And it was a gift from my in laws. So yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning off all the rust. I have made a promise that I will not let this happen again and bought a cover for it. So here it is clean, I wish I would have done a before and after.
Back to the filets. With any good steak salt and pepper is about all you need, but from time to time I use Cavenders all purpose Greek seasoning. I love the flavor and it creates a great crust. Here is the revitalized little grill in action.
The steaks came off the grill after 7 or so minutes rare to medium rare which is our temperature. Byrd rubbed some potatoes in bacon grease, yes we keep it in the refrigerator its a southern thing I guess, and kosher salt, wrapped them in foil and baked them at 450 for an hour. We had some lima beans in the fridge so they made the plate as well. This is how dinner turned out.
I don't know if it is true but it has been said that the skin of the potato has more nutrients than all of the insides. Whether it is true or not I am lucky that I love the outside and Byrd loves the inside.

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