Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tale of two Chilis

I have talked about my love for all things, pizza, pork, and spaghetti, but I have failed to mention my love for chili.  Everyone has that chili that they compare others too.  Mine, of course, is my mom's.  I look forward to having it every Christmas.  This seems to be the only time that I am around when it is made, I actually think she makes it just for me, well if she doesn't I like to think she does.  Since the weather has been, well for lack of a better way to put it, "chili" in Alabama I decided that I needed a fix.  I searched for a great chili recipe and came across, yet another hit from Chris at Nibble Me This.  It was a fantastic chili. Great depth in flavor and spice.  Not to thick yet not to thin. Really got me over the "chili craze" that I was going through.  I might also add that Byrd loved it as well.  I also read recently from Dave over at Food Fire about Zac Brown Chili.  It also sounded delicious and got a great review. Being a fan of the Zac Brown Band and Food Fire I had to make that one too.  That was for dinner tonight. Also a really great chili with a multitude of flavors, and  the first chili I've ever made with cocoa powder. I have no pictures of either of these due to my camera card being somewhere other than where it belongs, which is the camera or the computer, but this isn't about my cook. I changed nothing about either of these recipes they were made exactly as stated in the above recipes.  I just wanted to say thanks to these guys for bringing two great new chilis into my life. Thanks guys.  If you haven't tried these two you must, the chili and the blogs.  


  1. Thanks! Funny, I book marked Dave's chili post the other day and was hoping to try it this weekend.

  2. And I've been meaning to try Chris's chili con carne. Small, tasty world, eh :)?

    Thanks for the plug. Glad you liked the chili! The cocoa was my addition, I think it adds a lot of depth to the dish.