Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pork Wellington Sort of...

A few weeks ago I saw Alton Brown make a Pork Wellington on Good Eats and I have wanted to try it.  This has been my next cook since then.  Well this afternoon I set things in order to have this tasty looking treat.  After work I came home to take care of Baby Byrd and Byrd went to the store to get the few ingredients we didn't have.  One of them being puff pastry.  Byrd came back with Phyllo dough.  She said the lady at Publix told her it was the same.  I wasn't aware that Publix hired culinary graduates these days, but then again you never know.  Well it isn't the same so what do you do when you don't have one of the necessary ingredients for wellington, well you adapt the recipe.  So instead of the above mentioned this is what I did.

I layered the prosciutto so I could wrapped the tenderloin.  I seasoned the wrap with thyme, light salt, and pepper.

There were a few other items that weren't what they were supposed to be as well.  The 1 pound unseasoned pork loin package ended up being to very tiny pork tenderloins, but what do you do.  I fileted both of them then rubbed them with course grain mustard and packed with sliced dried apples.  
Then wrapped it. Since I didn't have the pastry I seasoned the outside with more thyme and garlic powder.  
I got set up for an indirect cook at 400.  Then onto the Egg.  After about 35 minutes the pork was at 150.  I removed it and let it rest.  Then sliced.
The prosciutto crust was nice and crispy and the smell was overwhelming.   Served with a great box of toasted pine nut couscous.
The pork was delicious.  The flavor of the mustard, apples, and thyme together was fantastic. This wasn't exactly what I had planned for this evening, but what came out of this mishap was great. I will go back and make the Pork Wellington from Good Eats, but this will definitely get made again.  


  1. I love stuffed pork and yours looks delicious - sorry the wellington didn't work out - it's on my try soon list as well.

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  3. The porks look great. I may give that a good soon! ;-)

  4. SIL, I cannot believe you didn't invite me to also try this heavenly looking meal! Looks divine!

  5. Love the idea of wrapping it in prosciutto. I'm giving that a shot sometime soon too.

  6. BTW Erik made this recently! It was really good!