Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I guess I should have titled this one a quick post.  Not much detail here, just letting everyone know I am still around.  I have been quite busy lately with a new venture and due to my long hours Byrd has been taking care of the cooking around here.  Tonight she made a few additions to Byrd's Spaghetti by spicing it up with some left over hot Italian sausage from the tortellini cook and then threw in some spinach.  I love the regular sauce but this was a nice change.
I promised last week that I would be back to my regular posting, but....such is life.  I will get back to posting as soon as I get into a good rhythm with the new restaurant.  We bought one.  More on that later. What was I thinking opening a restaurant in the last two weeks of Byrd being pregnant.  Am I crazy?


  1. Yes, yes you are. :D Don't put too much pressure on yourself~you have a lot going on. Love and miss! Can't wait to see you, hopefully next week!

  2. Crazy? Well yeah, but that's why we love ya!