Friday, April 2, 2010

Pork Balls

Trying to think of a way to use the thin cut boneless pork chops is sometimes tough.  They are usually used for sandwiches and things of that nature around here, but Byrd came up with a new use last night.  If you have not looked over the deer balls, then this will be new to you.  Here is what we did.  I took 5 thin pork chops and cut them in half.  Pounded them out with a tenderizer, the one in the picture came from my grandmother, it has a hatchet on the reverse side.  Place diced onions and bell peppers inside, and roll them up.  Add a cap full of Pilleteri's, or Dale's/Moore's.  Then wrap a piece of bacon around them and secure with a toothpick that has been soaked in water.  This is as easy as it sounds.  
Then onto the grill, I would say it was about 350, I am not much on temping my little hibachi.  Make sure you constantly mess/roll/flip them in order to not burn one side.  When the bacon is crispy they are done.  
I know this is too many for just the two of us, but this is the main course so 4 per person is about right.  With two left over for a snack tomorrow.  Here they are with Byrd's favorite pregnant food, potato wedges.
I liked these more than the original deer balls.   But then again anything wrapped in bacon is going to be delicious.

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  1. That is a fun dish or appetizer. One night last year we took thin sliced loin like this and sauteed them with various seasonings and sauces. They were coming off every 5 minutes and being sampled by everyone at the house.