Saturday, April 3, 2010

Farmer's Omlette

With Easter tomorrow, I thought a big breakfast was the best way to start the day of preparation.  I looked out my back window early this morning and saw gray skies.  Not what I wanted for the day.  I sat down with some coffee and read a few blogs, morning ritual,  and came across some very inspiring pictures from My Year on the Grill's Daily Photos.  These took me away from the dreary Birmingham, AL scenery and reminded me of a great breakfast treat from the coast. The Farmer's Omelette at Tacky Jacks in Orange Beach, AL is one of my favorite breakfast items and has been for years. I didn't have everything on hand, but I was not leaving the house before 8 on a Saturday.  

I first diced a potato and roasted them in some olive oil, salt and pepper.  I put them in the oven on 450 and tossed them every few minutes until crispy.  About 20 minutes.
While the potatoes were cooking I:
Diced 2 thick slices of bacon.
Diced some white onion and green bell pepper.
Grated about a cup of mild cheddar cheese, its what I had.
Scrambled 3 eggs, didn't want this to be to big of a breakfast.
Cook the bacon until crispy and remove from omelette pan, don't remove the bacon grease.  Then add in the onions and peppers with a little salt and pepper.  I also added a pinch of CRP for a little spice.  Once they are tender add in the potatoes and then the bacon.  Pour the scrambled eggs on top.
Make sure to move the egg around in the pan as to not burn the bottom.  Once it is almost fully set, top with the cheese.  Then under the broiler until fully set.  Top with a few of the left over potatoes.  Then flip out on to a plate.
My favorite topper for all things eggs.

I am not sure if this is technically an omlette or a fritata.  But either way it is delicious.  I know I will definitely not be hungry while all the Easter prep is going on.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    And I love these little bit of everything egg dishes (what ever they are called!)

  2. Looks heavenly! Bet it was!

  3. Spectacular! That is an omelet on steroids:)

    And yeah, I love hot sauce on eggs too!