Friday, April 16, 2010

Roasted Corn Salad with a side of chicken.

Sometimes dinner decisions are hard to make.  Sometimes it just comes together.  Last night was one of the latter.  It has been busy around here lately, lots of running around and tying up loose ends before baby byrd comes around. When we were discussing dinner Byrd said she wanted to make a roasted corn salad.  I said that sounds great, what gave you that idea.  She says "I saw Bobby Flay make it today and thought it looked good."  My question "Where was I when she was watching a cooking show, How did I miss that."
She didn't pull a recipe off line, she told me she had it covered.  I am amazed at her at this point.  There is no computer in the kitchen while she makes this.  All by memory.  She puts four mini corns in the grill pan on the stove and starts to roast them.  Then dices up some white onion, and slices some cherry tomatoes.  Once the corn is good and roasted she lets them cool for a minute then cuts the corn away from the cobs.  Mixed all together in a medium size bowl.
Then she asks me to get the blender down, who is the beautiful woman in the kitchen. She pulls some stuff out of the fridge.  She then pours, not measuring, some rice wine vinegar, a squeeze of dijon mustard, throws in some fresh basil, a pinch of salt and pepper, and starts the blender.  Then proceeds to take the plug out of the top of the blender and drizzles in olive oil.  I am in awe. Once she tastes it and approves she drizzles the dressing around the outside of the bowl. covers it and places it in the fridge.
The chicken was marinaded in a mix of Worcestershire, soy sauce, brown sugar, cayenne, and salt and pepper.  Then on to the grill.
All together now.
The chicken was good, as chicken thighs usually are, but the corn salad was fantastic.  Simple and easy, with a side of an amazed husband.


  1. Dang, my sissy is good! I need to try that!

  2. You are a lucky man, my friend! Don't ever forget how special she is.

    I like the sound of that corn salad, might have to this.

  3. Now this is my kind of food! It looks delicious!