Monday, February 22, 2010

Bacon breakfast bowls??

We had a great weekend of family and food. We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with Byrds family cooking ribs, and I think everything else that you can put on a grill, then Sunday my folks wanted us to drive down for dinner. We usually don't like to travel on Sunday, but since we have plenty of time at the moment why not. It is not only good for your heart to get to see your family, but it's always a culinary treat. I have said it before, but I learned my love for food in my mom's kitchen. She taught me the basics, and is still teaching today. I am not sure what you should call this dish, but bacon breakfast bowls is what comes to mind. Taking half cooked bacon and wrapping them in a muffin pan, then placing some green onion and cheddar grits is the beginning.
You leave a small dent in the grits so the egg yolk will stay on top and the whites will run down.
This was a neat little trick, like I said she is always teaching and I am always willing to learn. Top with some shredded gruyere and mild cheddar cheese, green onions and thyme.

Bake on 400 until the eggs are done to your liking. These tasted as good as they look. Mom also made some baked french toast.
Brinner, or breakfast for dinner, is always a favorite of mine. Now this was a little fancier than the normal brinner, but I will say it was delicious and a lot of fun to make. This is a great idea for any meal. Using ham instead of bacon, polenta instead of grits, or next time I may use ham for the base and put bacon in the grits and on top. The combinations are endless.


  1. Oh my word, this is so yummy looking! I bet Sarah ate pounds of it!!!

  2. Actually that is my plate sissy!!! It was sooo good!

  3. Those breakfast bowls look wonderful!!!!! We need to try that at my house!!

  4. Or better yet, YOU need to try those at my house!! ♥ y'all!

  5. OMG... what a PERFECT place for a pregnant lady to live... can I move in for the next few months?