Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday cookout

With a great forecast for the weekend, we thought a cook out was in order. I thought trying a new rib would be fun, so instead of baby backs I used loin ribs. A little meatier and a lot more fat. Also I am trying lump mesquite charcoal. I don't know why, actually I do, it was on sale at Sams. I have been using lump charcoal for a while now, but never mesquite. I was worried that the mesquite would be over powering, but why not. I also opted not to add any wood chips for smoke. I used my normal Rut's Rub and started them off at 215 degrees. I left one slab dry the entire cook. The other two I misted with a blend of Welch's Peach and White Grape juice mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar every 20 mins. I thought the sweetness of the juice would work well with the mesquite. I wrapped the last two slabs in tin foil with a little of the juice. After two more hours I unwrapped them and placed them directly over the fire and basted them for the last 15-20 minutes.

And sliced. Without the wood chips I didn't get the smoke ring , but I did get delicious tender ribs. I missed the ring.

No cookout is complete without baked beans. Canned beans with a little ketchup, mustard, onions, brown sugar, salt and pepper, mixed together in a bowl, then topped with bacon. I think everything should be topped in bacon.
Deviled eggs. This is my mother in laws recipe for them, and the first time Byrd has ever made them. These are delicious. Not your normal eggs, they have olives and bacon in the stuffing as well as the normal characters. I know it sounds a little weird, but try it. Not to take a slogan from a local restaurant, but "there is nothing like'em nowhere." It's true.
Here it is all together. Not the greatest picture, but....
Everything was great. Once again Byrd and I put good food on the table. But sometimes the food isn't the best part of the night. Fire pit, cold beer, iPod on shuffle, good friends and family, even if the food was horrible, it still would have been a great night.

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