Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forgotten Hashbrowns

Most Sunday mornings we like to have more than our normal breakfast of yogurt. This is a dish that I used to make in college, and honestly had forgotten about. Recently a friend called and wanted some ideas for brunch dishes and asked about this one. I am glad he did. Maybe with this blog I want have the worries of forgetting dishes anymore. I would normally use frozen hasbrowns, but I happened to have a potato around so I grated it. To start I diced bacon, cooked and removed it from the pan. I left the grease from the bacon in the skillet and started the hasbrowns. After flipping them I added the bacon and onions.
I seasoned these with Boar's Breath Blazin' Cajun Seasoning. A friend of mine brought this back from Louisiana a while back and I love it, thanks Jake. It is not hot, just has great flavor.
After the potatoes are fully cooked add the eggs, careful not to break the yolks.
We don't have a lid for this skillet, so a plate will have to do. This allows the steam to cook the eggs and eventually melt the cheese.
I should have steamed the eggs a little longer before adding the cheese, if you don't this happens.
Even with the "sliding cheese factor" this was a great breakfast. Its nice to be reminded of dishes forgotten.

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  1. WOW! I seriously want to be pregnant again and move in with y'all so I can eat all of your creations! I would gain about 30 pounds in a week!