Wednesday, February 3, 2010


After the "deer balls" the other day I have been thinking of a dish my mom used to make called Rouladen. I have never tried to make this particular dish of hers so she got the "mom I want to cook something you used to make phone call", which she gets often. Rouladen is basically a meat roll, that is not a technical definition but you get the gist of it. My mom used cube steak, but I happen to have a freezer full of venison, and we go to the local Publix enough so...we took venison cube steak seasoned it with salt and pepper, rubbed it in mustard then added diced onions and green bell peppers. The peppers were something we added it was not in mom's recipe.

Then rolled them tight and placed toothpicks to hold everything in. Then rolled them in seasoned flour.

I then pan-fried them in a little butter, and by a little I mean 3-4 tablespoons. Not for long due to the fact that venison will dry out if over cooked. Just enough to brown the outside. I removed them from the pan, added the rest of the diced onions and peppers, then some sliced onions with some beef stock to make a gravy. As the gravy started to thicken I added the meat back in to simmer for a bit. With this is another dish from my mom, which is her brown rice.

Here it is all together. It took me back to childhood. I have to thank my mom for raising us on such great food.
This was a great dish and fun to make. It didn't taste as good as moms, but they never do.


  1. Wow! I bet Hinton was all about that! Your mom's brown rice rocks!!!

  2. This looks wonderful! You may have to share the recipe TOTALLY or just cook it for me! :-)