Sunday, February 14, 2010

Filet Oscar

With a little time off from work, and by a little I am not sure when we will go back, Byrd and I decided to take a trip to the coast. My favorite kind of trip is one with no agenda. This was definitely one of those. Relax, eat, regenerate, and of course eat more. No better place than the coast. Here is our view from the patio.
And here right before sunset.

After a couple days of doing nothing, which was great, we decided to head to a local cheese farm my parents told us about. So we drove into Elberta, about 20 minutes north, to Sweet Home Cheese Farm. A great little out of the way spot that offers a wide variety of homemade cheeses. After trying around ten different cheeses, we decided to get 7. All of the cheese was great, but our favorites were habanero with a slice of granny smith apple, toasted onion with pear, and garlic with the apple.
Being the night before Valentines Day we thought a steak dinner was in order. I seared the filets, seasoned with Cavenders, on both sides in a grill pan then placed them in the oven for about 8 minutes. Normally I don't leave them in this long, but they were thick steaks.
I also roasted some asparagus in the oven with a little olive oil and Cavenders. Since we were at the beach, and kinda on vacation, I made a Bearnaise sauce and added a little fresh lump crab meat, making it Filet Oscar, I think.
I am not really sure if this is exactly Filet Oscar, but in my mind anything with sauce, asparagus and crab meat is Oscar. Dinner was delicious and the company better. Also Byrd really loved the fact that dinner matched the plates.


  1. How fun and delicious! Jason and I booked our trip to Orange Beach last night-we will be there the 12-19 of June-y'all have to go to the condo during that time so we can play! Me miss and love ya!

  2. I just realized... I think I know you!!! ha I wanna know about this cheese farm. I think its dangerous for pregnant ladies to read about food they dont have access too!