Monday, March 1, 2010

Boneless Pork Chops

Boneless pork chops are not one of my favorite thing to cook. They are always dry and tasteless, of course this is due to how I cook them. It never ends well for me. But I refuse to give up, and they were on special at our local Publix. I seasoned these with salt and pepper, onion powder and smoked paprika. I browned them in a little butter, and by a little I mean 2 tablespoons. I am always worried about drying out boneless pork chops, so they may have been on each side for about 2 minutes. Then removed them from the pan.
These potato wedges are a common theme these days. I think they are Byrds favorite pregnant food.

The mushrooms were a test. Trying to make them taste like some we had at a local restaurant. And I will say they were really close. Sauteed in butter with a little salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, steak seasoning, and season salt. Let all the butter soak into the mushrooms then added a couple teaspoons of water, and reduced heat to low.
Back to my idea of how not to dry out the pork chops, this time. With no wine or stock in the house, I dissolved a beef bouillon cube in a couple cups of water and used this to deglaze the pan. When I got everything off the bottom of the pan I added the chops back. Then covered and let simmer for about 8 mins.

All together it made a great plate.
This attempt at pork chops was much better than the last several. They were tender, juicy, and full of flavor. With the added mushrooms it was a great dinner. I no longer have the fear of cooking boneless pork chops.

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