Sunday, March 14, 2010

Byrds Flourless Chocolate Cake

The new diet has been going well, for me, but Byrd is really not enjoying the no sweets.  So she set out to find a recipe for a flourless, sugarless, chocolate cake.  Nothing about this sounds good to me.  I would rather just not have any desert than something that is full of "lesses". However, she wants/needs the dessert, she says.  So she found one.  I am a fan of Tyler Florence and his show Tyler's Ultimate...and after she found this recipe, I remember seeing him make it.  This does not mean that I'm not skeptical, but I am a trooper and willing to help out when needed.  After breakfast, eggs and bacon(did I mention I am loving this diet), I went to the store to get Splenda, in order to have what we need to be sugarless.  We, and by we I mean Byrd, with a little help from me, set the computer up in the kitchen and followed all directions, only changing the sugar to Splenda in order to make it sugarless.  Here are the stages of the semi-sweet chocolate and butter being melted in the double boiler.  This is the smallest metal bowl I own.  It's only use before now was to mix dry rub and make dressing.
While the chocolate was melting I separated the egg whites from the yolks.  This was all the help Byrd needed. I am a bad sous chef I will admit.  I normally try to take over projects, but I sat back and relaxed as this one came together.  Here is Byrd and Baby Byrd (resting on the counter under the apron) pouring the batter in the springform pan.  Same springform pan from the Cheesecake incident of 2010.
After this picture she put the batter into the oven for the allotted 25 minutes.  She checked the center with a toothpick and it wasn't quite done, so she put it back in for 5 minutes.
It looked just like the cracked earth it was supposed to.  Then as the recipe said, we waited 10 minutes to allow it time to cool.  I hate waiting for things to cool.  While it was cooling Byrd made homemade whip cream, using the Splenda again to sweeten and added a little vanilla extract for flavor.  I am really proud of my Byrd.
I take back my statement on things with "lesses" in the name.  This was great.  A great treat for anyone, no matter what their diet may be.  Byrd is happy now that there is a sweet treat in the house she can have while we are on the diet.  I am happy that I was actually able to watch and only helped out, when asked.

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  1. Yum! This looks great! How does it work with no flour? Ya call me.