Monday, March 8, 2010

Surf and Turf

So after a long day of having fun in the sun and tasting BBQ, we thought a great surf and turf would be the right ending to the day.  We stopped by Blalocks, the local fresh seafood and specialty market, and picked up some ribeyes and scallops.  So as the sun set we started on dinner.  I say we here because it wasn't just Byrd and I.  We had two other great cooks in the house.

With four of us in the house we had them cut us a couple of 20 ounce steaks.  A little salt, well what I thought was salt, actually sugar and pepper.  Then a little Worcestershire.  

We cooked some bacon then wrapped the scallops. No seasoning needed.

We are not allowed to have a charcoal grill on the patio, so a tiny propane tank Webber has to do.  In order for this not to be an all meat dinner we grilled an onion as well.  We cut a wedge out of the top then added some butter, garlic and Worcestershire sauce and made a package out of foil.

The onion after the grill did its job.

My cousin took care of the scallops.  Searing them in some browned butter.

We also had Byrd's favorite, potato wedges, but no pictures this time.  The scallops were the real treat of dinner, they were delicious.  I will have to keep the browned butter cooking method in mind next time I have some fresh scallops. I haven't cooked on a gas grill in a long time, so I did over cook the steaks a bit, but nobody complained.  The meal was a great ending to an outstanding weekend.  It is always nice to get to spend time with family, especially when they love food as much as we do.

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