Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Diet

Until yesterday I haven't had much to say about my wife, Byrd, being pregnant.  A few things have changed:
Her steaks are now med/med well, instead of rare/med. rare
She doesn't have wine/beer while we are in the kitchen, or anywhere.
She eats all the sweets she wants, well she did that before she was pregnant, so no change there.
She loves potatoes, which she never really cared about before.

Yesterday the doctor told her that she is anemic.  Low iron count in her blood.  So 1st hiccup and not a big one, well for me.  New rules:  Very limited intake of sweets, this is a big one for her.  Lower carb intake, no more potatoes, no more wedges, her favorite side item as of late.  She also has to take Iron supplements, which we have been told is like adding concrete to the stomach.  The good news is the doctor told her to "eat lots of red meat" and "leafy green vegetables"  So we are looking at a high protein, low carb diet.  This part works for me. I will miss the carbs, but I get to have a lot of steak, so I think I will be ok.

I have always loved a spinach salad, with hot bacon dressing.  So for tonights dinner I set out to finally make homemade bacon dressing.  I found a simple recipe from Paula Deen for the dressing.  I followed the recipe, except I used Dijon mustard instead of the honey mustard, I had it in the house.  As for the salad, thin sliced white button mushrooms, red onions, hard boiled eggs, and of course bacon.

For our red meat, Publix had top sirloin filets on sale so that's what's for dinner.  I don't normally marinate steaks, but in order to get a little flavor in the sirloins, I used some Pilleteri's Original Marinade.  This is a product of Mr. P's Butcher Shop and Deli, which is a great little local place.  My little Hibachi doing its job.
I tossed the fresh spinach, onions, bacon, and mushrooms in the dressing.  Then plated them and topped with the egg.

The steaks were definitely not the star of the show, the spinach salad was.  Now that I have a bacon dressing under my belt we will have it more often. I know it is possible to cook a sirloin where it is tender and juicy, I just haven't figured it out yet.  This I will work on. I have a lot of red meat to cook in the upcoming months so I am up for the challenge.


  1. Now that's a beautiful thing... Good luck with the new mouth to feed!!!

  2. Sissy is anemic!!! I had low iron, but wasn't necessarily anemic-I had to take iron though-it makes it impossible to take a dump! That is going to suck-is she okay with it?

  3. Well I guess I am ok with it although I am quite terrified of not dumping...

  4. I can barely read your blog these days because it makes me SO HUNGRY. dang