Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pizza Night

Pizza is alway fun to make at home and I love thinking of new combinations.  Byrd and I couldn't agree on just one type of pizza so we made two.  I was going to make a thick crust pizza with the left over rib meat from a previous cook, Byrd a more traditional style. I say I was going to make mine thick crust, but when I tried to get the dough out of the tube it came in, it basically fell apart.  I am not sure what happened, but it was bad. Byrd very easily rolled her thin crust out of the tube and it was perfect.  I persuaded her to let me use 1/2 of it, stating that "we don't really need to make two large pizzas."  She agreed then noticed the huge ball of dough that I rolled up and tried to hide. She asked why I didn't just throw it away, I said it would still be good for something.  After she was finished laughing at me, she cut hers in half.  After the dough was out of the oven from the proofing stage, stated on the tube, we began to build our pizzas.

I started mine with a mix of two BBQ sauces I had on hand.  One was too sweet and thick, one too thin.  Together they made a fine base for my pizza. Byrd used some left over spaghetti sauce from the fridge.
After the sauce was down, I added rib meat, cheese, diced jalapeno, cilantro, onion, mushrooms(on half), and cheese.  Byrd made a cheese, pepperoni, onion, jalapeno, and mushroom pizza.  

After the 8 minutes in the oven at 425,  they were ready to eat. Here is the BBQ Rib Pizza
Byrd's traditional pizza
The pizzas were delicious like most pizzas are.  I was happy that my combination worked. Now back to the discarded pizza dough.  I just couldn't throw it away and had a thought of a recipe for pork stuffed biscuit dough, well this was like biscuit dough, so I went for it.  I cut the ball down into workable pieces then put a little bbq sauce, rib meat and cheese inside.  Not the prettiest of things, but the idea was great.

Not really sure how long to cook these, we threw them in with the pizzas and checked them every 5 minutes.  They ended up taking about 20 minutes total.
Not near as good as the ones from the site would have been, but they were good. The thick crust pizza dough made them a little to bready.  But at least I tried. And they were fun to eat.

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  1. I love the way you think on your feet with the dough collapse.

    We always have to do at least two pizzas two, one for Alexis and me, one for the boys.