Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dinner Requirements

While driving around Byrd asked me to cook something for dinner. Her requirements were: "Cube steak, rice, onions, some form of gravy, and mushrooms if you want." This has happened a lot more since she has been pregnant and this is a much easier list to work with than some. These can make a edible dinner. Since it was on hand I used venison. Lightly floured and seasoned into a pan of butter and oil. Why I mix the two I don't know, I am sure I saw it on TV.

After browning on both sides I removed the meat and started the gravy. I made the same style of gravy as Rouladen-ish. Then returned the venison to the hot tub of gravy.
Last Christmas my MIL gave us a Real Simple magazine subscription. It is a wealth of information on a wide variety of, well, crap. I enjoy it. I bring this up because a year or so ago they had an article on how to cook rice. It was immediately ripped out and put in the recipe box. I never stray from this. It is always perfect. The lima beans came from a bag. This is the only use a microwave has, that and popcorn.
Very simple and delicious and Byrd loved it. I can't wait for the next list.


  1. I saved that SAME rice article. Real simple is the shiznit

  2. Hey JHM, I just found you... have fun blogging, great to see more guys and I will be back!

    thanks for listing me on your side bar, i have added you as well, and marked myself as "following" you.

    will be back!

  3. Yum! I miss deer-tell dad to send me some! Are you ready to go back to work yet??? :D