Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smoked Chicken and Relish Sandwich

Today for lunch I really wanted to try some pulled pork pockets from Sizzle on the Grill with a variety of smoked chicken and pork.  These look delicious.  I started to pull some meat out of the freezer, when Bryd reminded me we didn't have any biscuit dough. So we had to make a quick change of plans, but since BBQ was already on my mind, might as well have a sandwich.  I thawed out some smoked chicken that I had frozen in some Saw's sauce.  I have never frozen chicken with sauce on it, but it turned out great.  The flavor was still in the chicken and the sauce added a nice spicy touch.
With left over BBQ chicken or pork, I like to make a little something I call BBQ relish.  A very simple mixture of diced white onions, dill pickles, and what ever sauce I have in the refrigerator.  Today for a little extra bite, I added some diced jalapenos.
Just a little on top to add that extra kick to a delicious smoked chicken sandwich.  Here partnered with some Doritos.  While Doritos are my favorite chip, I prefer plain Lays with BBQ.  I just didn't have any in the house.
A great simple lunch.  The onion roll added a nice change of taste to a normal BBQ sandwich.  I still want the "pockets" and will have them soon, but this satisfied my BBQ craving.... for now.

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